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Adam’s Rib. What?! Women, The Bible and Our Biology.

We were drawn from a rib?! Seriously? There has to be more to this. Join us as we delve into the Bible, biology, and how we express ourselves as women to discover your amazing spiritual essence and the true power of the feminine.

Adam’s Rib. What?! Women, The Bible and Our Biology.

See what the Bible reveals about women that is so crucial to God and will leave you feeling incredibly empowered. Learn things we can do as women to bring out that essence to heal us and create a sense of serenity in our lives. You’ll also understand how to draw people into our essence, especially men. Come to know what are our most powerful spiritual strengths and how they can make our lives easier. And finally, what does one scripture reveal in Hebrew that will have you relate, as a woman, to Christ in a whole new way?

As we explore all of this, you’ll be moved to see how crucial our essence is to God. You’ll also learn practical ways to express it in the world that will help you with all of your relationships, especially with men, and most of all yourself.

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