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“Exciting, beautiful and mysterious. Saw how nature impacts us ​(the moon, stars, bees, butterflies, etc.) and how God and nature are related. I also learned my worth and value of being a woman at an incredibly deep level.”​

- Pam Wright, Lawyer


Nicole York Bogen

Nic takes her 20 years in advertising and applies that conceptual and visual thinking to the Bible and science to reveal deeper hidden spiritual concepts. For over 20 years, Nic has created award-winning advertising as an art director and creative director (link here). Her work has been honored in major ad award shows and publications like Adweek, The One Show, and AdAge to name a few. She's been the creative director on major brands like Virgin Entertainment and has worked at top ad agencies on accounts such as Lexus, Yonex, Air New Zealand, Jim Beam, etc. Nic is also an advertising voiceover, (link here), and has been heard on radio and television for clients like EDS (“One of the Best Super Bowl Spots of All Time” Adweek, ESPN), Best Buy, Lexus, Suzuki, Safeway, and Wells Fargo. Nic's ability to create award-winning ideas also reaches beyond advertising. Her wedding was featured in Lifetime Television’s "Fantasy Weddings of a Lifetime" and the book The New American Wedding for its creative vision.


So what does all of this have to do with God, The Bible, Science, Men, Women, and the World around us?
In advertising, a creative has to think of symbols and conceptual ideas for ads that convey a deeper meaning behind them about the product. It's actually called "concepting" and it's
what creatives in advertising do for a living. The goal is to connect the product to the audience and quickly achieve a relationship to the brand. Her career has been spent using symbols and the ideas behind them to tell a bigger story about the brand.     


Nic takes her years in advertising and applies that conceptual and visual thinking to the Bible, the human experience, and science to reveal deeper, hidden spiritual concepts behind the symbols used in the Bible. Every major symbol in the Bible (as in most great novels) tells a conceptual story far beyond what can initially be seen. Within this bigger picture, there's a more  beautiful and powerful story to be told connecting the Bible, science, men, women, and the world.

She has studied men and women’s relationships under some of the best leaders in the field, was a life coach for years, and has read almost every book on the subject. She’s also an avid science fan and has been absorbed in reading countless books, as well as watching the Science Channel obsessively. But even with all of this knowledge, she felt she was missing a deeper connection to a bigger story. She was gaining insight into how to live a better life and have deeper relationships, but it wasn’t grounded in her heart. 

Where was God in all this? Was the Bible a complete hoax? Was science not from God? The Bible, science, and how we behaved seemed to all be separate and at war with one another. Was there a bigger concept we weren't seeing?

This journey led her to epiphanies about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and our spiritual essences as men and women. She saw how they’re all reflected in everything from human relationships and biology to the planets and quantum physics. Once she saw the beauty of those connections, she developed a fuller appreciation of herself as a women, men, the world around her, and her spiritual walk.

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