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“Within minutes, all the neurons in my brain lit up at once! Many ‘aha' moments of familiar scriptures deeply dissected and tied to everyday things in life.”

- Andrea Mascarina, Wife/Mother/Marketing Director

Coming 2024

Seminars will resume in Jan. 2024. You can also email us to book a private class for your women's group online or in person. 

Upcoming Events

  • Eve. How Does Your Garden Grow?
    Eve. How Does Your Garden Grow?
    The beautiful, healing, and empowering concepts of the Garden of Eden.
  •  Adam’s Rib. What? Women. The Bible. Our Biology.
     Adam’s Rib. What? Women. The Bible. Our Biology.
    Your amazing spiritual essence and the true power of the feminine. We were drawn from a rib?! Seriously? Women seem to get the short end of the spiritual stick on this one, to say the least. There has to be more to this.
  • Joy & Spiritual Bliss
    Joy & Spiritual Bliss
    Communing with God Through All of Your Senses. The deeper biblical concepts of the fives senses.
Future Seminars

You’re like a fine wine.

Distilling it down to your spiritual essence.

The Sixth Sense

Do we really have it?

Who is actually running this show? 


The Light

God is light. Let's shed some light on light itself.​


The Numbers of the Bible

Their profound meanings in science.


Jesus. Water. Blood. A Labor of Love.  

Far more there than we ever realized as women.

The Alpha and the Omega

The beginning and the end.

All about the Big Bang.


Einstein, Spacetime and God.

How do they all line up?  


Heaven on Earth

God’s love affair with our planet and women. ​

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