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Eve. How Does Your Garden Grow?

The beautiful, healing and empowering concepts of Eden.

Who was Eve, really, and what can we learn from her and the garden? Join us as we take a look at the botany of women and how our seasons are reflected in the Bible and nature.

Eve. How Does Your Garden Grow?

We'll learn how we heal ourselves physically and spiritually from what we learn in the garden and how that essence is so beautiful to men, God, and the world. We can ask the flowers and the soil a lot about how to become more like Jesus, how to relieve stress, and grow in our faith. There are also some fundamental concepts we can learn from figs and trees.

Enjoy exploring our spiritual essence in the garden and learn how to apply it to take care of yourself. We’ll also discover some of the hidden mysteries of Eden and how significant they are. You’ll leave feeling incredibly connected to the beauty of the world around you, yourself, and to God as we learn from the Bible and nature how to empower our femininity from the roots up.

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