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Galaxy Girl

See how God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and our feminine essence is revealed in the chemistry of the solar system.

Where are God, Jesus, and our essence reflected in the galaxy? What can we learn about ourselves from the planets? Are the planets relationships to each other hidden in the Bible? How can those relationships deepen our faith? Can the chemical composition of the planets inspire you to a new sense of self? What do we have in common with a white dwarf star? How are we like diamonds to God?

Galaxy Girl

The more heavenly focused you are, the less earthly worry you’ll have. Considering everything we have going on in our lives: laundry, bosses, school activities, status updates, and traffic alone, sometimes we need to see God more profoundly to give us a larger sense of purpose in the world. From nuclear fusion to the relationships of the sun, moon, and earth, you’ll see a bigger picture that we’re directly connected to, both scientifically and spiritually. We’ll take a look at some important questions about the universe and catch a glimpse of the creative mind of God and His love for us.

There’s a lot to learn from our essence in the universe. So take a trip back to that state of wonder as a little girl, looking at the starry skies and seeing yourself in this beautiful story. It’s a magical experience that will leave you with a deeper connection to this glorious galaxy, to God, and most of all yourself.

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