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Men and Boys 101

Understand men and God from a whole new perspective.

Have you ever wondered why men do what they do? What’s the number one thing a man looks for in a woman? What is their spiritual essence? What is our part as women in all of this journey? Join us as we explore these questions and the misunderstandings we have about men and women, fathers and daughters, sons and mothers, husbands and wives, co-workers, boyfriends and girlfriends, even the bag boy.

Men and Boys 101

Empower yourself with a new understanding and heal your relationships with all men as we delve into the deeper meaning of who they are and the science and spiritual implications behind it. What does the Bible and quantum physics reveal that will have you see men from a whole new perspective? Learn what men really need from us, the one thing that keeps us from truly relating to them, and the three things that will have you relating to the men and boys in your life like you never have before.

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