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The Secret Sacredness of You

“the kingdom of God is within you.” - Luke 17:21
The Hidden Biology of the Bible.

Understand why women are more driven by romance and beauty. Find out what intimacy is for men on a deeper level. It will leave you feeling beautiful and created as an exquisite masterpiece.

The Secret Sacredness of You

What type of man does God deem worthy of a single woman? You might be surprised. What is your deeper inner beauty that once revealed will give you a conviction about honoring yourself as a temple and being cherished by God.

Join us as we unveil the most profound hidden concepts about women as we delve into the mysterious and beautiful symbols in the Bible. The Old and New Testament reveal secret concepts that will have you looking at your bodies like never before, sacred and coveted by God. We’ll discuss everything from the Ark of the Covenant to the foundations of the church itself and what they have to tell us about women. His design for us will inspire all of us as women (single, married, late teens to seniors) on a whole new level to respect and honor ourselves the way God sees us, not how the media or the world can sometimes.

Learn the larger spiritual story about our bodies that provides so much healing in this area for those who have been deeply hurt in the past or struggle with body image and intimacy issues. You’ll never look at our biology the same way again and understand the true gift it is to be a woman. It’s incredibly transformational and will leave you feeling empowered just BEING you!

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