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Wisdom, Love Her

Your prefrontal cortex & limbic system
How do they show up in the Bible?

What’s the deeper heavenly meaning of Godly wisdom? How is that wisdom reflected in larger beautiful concepts in our brain, the Old and New Testament, and heaven and earth? What’s distinct about our female brain and how it makes decisions? Learn the best ways for your brain to make wise decisions to help you have more peace and joy in your life.

Wisdom, Love Her

Join us as we learn from the Bible what true wisdom actually is and how that wisdom plays out in the science of how our brain makes decisions. We'll discover what our brain needs to truly guide us in making wise choices. We'll also uncover how our hearts are all part of that process physically and how important that scientific connection is to making decisions that are lead by the Holy Spirit. Be inspired by the whole journey of becoming wiser, the process of growing older and how that also reflects God's design. You'll leave feeling like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders and a powerful connection to your inner self and to God.

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