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“Within minutes, all the neurons in my brain lit up at once! Many ‘aha' moments of familiar scriptures deeply dissected and tied to everyday things in life.”

- Andrea Mascarina, Wife/Mother/Marketing Director


Seminars will resume in Jan. 2024.

You can also email us to book a private class for your women's group online or in person. 

Online and in person speaking engagements can be booked for your women's group, contact us at May God bless you today and always.

Upcoming Seminar

Joy & Spiritual Bliss

Communing with God Through All of Your Senses. The deeper biblical concepts of the fives senses.


“But blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear. For truly I tell you, many prophets and righteous people longed to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.” - Matthew 13:16-17


Is there something about our senses that could help us connect with God in a deeper way? Become present to the beauty of your life by understanding how to perceive him through your five senses. Learn about God’s most precious sense, how the spirit moves through it and how it can produce peace and joy in your life. We’ll also explore singing, dancing and laughter as delightful ways to commune with God and the deeper reasons why. You’ll leave with a connection to God that uncovers the secrets of the senses and what they offer to our spiritual lives! 


Men and Boys 101

The Science of Belief

Understand men and God from a whole new perspective.


Have you ever wondered why men do what they do? What’s the number one thing a man looks for in a woman? What is their spiritual essence? What is our part as women in all of this journey? 

Join us as we explore these questions and the misunderstandings we have about men and women, fathers and daughters, sons and mothers, husbands and wives, co-workers, boyfriends and girlfriends, and even the bag boy.  Empower yourself with a new understanding and heal your relationships with all men as we delve into the deeper meaning of who they are and the science and spiritual implications behind it. What does the Bible and quantum physics reveal that will have you see men from a whole new perspective?  Learn what men really need from us, the one thing that keeps us from truly relating to them, and the three things that will have you relating to the men and boys in your life like you never have before.


The Spiritual Seasons of Men From Boyhood to Becoming Adults


Have you ever wondered why do men do what they do at certain ages? What does the Bible reveal about men and their spiritual seasons? How do our seasons line up to a man's? What major insight can we learn from the Christ’s walk that will shed light on one of the most profound times in a man’s life that ends up being the source of a lot of misunderstanding?

There’s a lot of misunderstanding and pain between men and women. Fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, husbands and wives…sometimes we don’t seem to be speaking the same language. Join us as we learn about the spiritual seasons of men and how we can understand them better.  We’ll shed light on why there is so much we don’t understand about how men act at different ages and understand what major occurrence in the Bible will help you relate to men in a new and more empowered and compassionate way.

Adam’s Rib. What?! 

Women, The Bible and Our Biology.

Your amazing spiritual essence and the true power of the feminine.


We were drawn from a rib?! Seriously? Women seem to get the short end of the spiritual stick on this one, to say the least. There has to be more to this.  

Join us as we delve into the Bible, biology, and how we express ourselves as women to discover the deeper significance of our spiritual essence. See what the Bible reveals about women that is so crucial to God and will leave you feeling incredibly empowered. Learn things we can do as women to bring out that essence to heal us and create a sense of serenity in our lives. You’ll also understand how to draw people into our essence, especially men. Come to know what are our most powerful spiritual strengths and how they can make our lives easier. And finally, what does one scripture reveal in Hebrew that will have you relate, as a woman, to Christ in a whole new way? 


As we explore all of this, you’ll be moved to see how crucial our essence is to God. You’ll also learn practical ways to express it in the world that will help you with all of your relationships, especially with men, and most of all yourself.

Eve. How Does Your Garden Grow?

The beautiful, healing, and empowering concepts of the Garden of Eden.


Who was Eve, really, and what can we learn from her and the garden? Join us as we take a look at the botany of women and how our seasons are reflected in the Bible and nature. We'll learn how we heal ourselves physically and spiritually from what we learn in the garden and how that essence is so beautiful to men, God, and the world. We can ask the flowers and the soil a lot about how to become more like Jesus, how to relieve stress, and grow in our faith. There are also some fundamental concepts we can learn from figs and trees.


Enjoy exploring our spiritual essence in the garden and learn how to apply it to take care of yourself. We’ll also discover some of the hidden mysteries of Eden and how significant they are. You’ll leave feeling incredibly connected to the beauty of the world around you, yourself, and to God as we learn from the Bible and nature how to empower our femininity from the roots up.

God. Your Body. The Secret Sacredness of You. The Hidden Biology of the Bible.


“the kingdom of God is within you.” - Luke 17:21

Understand why women are so driven by romance and beauty. Find out what intimacy is for men on a deeper level. It will leave you feeling beautiful and created as an exquisite masterpiece. What type of man does God deem worthy of a single woman? You might be surprised. What is your deeper inner beauty that once revealed will give you a conviction about honoring yourself as a temple and being cherished by God.

Join us as we unveil the most profound hidden concepts about women as we delve into the mysterious and beautiful symbols in the Bible. The Old and New Testament reveal secret concepts that will have you looking at your bodies like never before, sacred and coveted by God. We’ll discuss everything from the Ark of the Covenant to the foundations of the church itself and what they have to tell us about women. His design for us will inspire all of us as women (single, married, late teens to seniors) on a whole new level to respect and honor ourselves the way God sees us, not how the media or the world can sometimes.


Learn the larger spiritual story about our bodies that provides so much healing in this area for those who have been deeply hurt in the past or struggle with body image and intimacy issues. You’ll never look at our biology the same way again and understand the true gift it is to be a woman. It’s incredibly transformational and will leave you feeling empowered just BEING you!

Wisdom, Gotta' Love Her.


What’s the deeper heavenly meaning of Godly wisdom? How is that wisdom reflected in larger beautiful concepts in our brain, the Old and New Testament, and heaven and earth? What’s distinct about our female brain and how it makes decisions? Learn the best ways for your brain to make wise decisions to help you have more peace and joy in your life.

Join us as we learn from the Bible what true wisdom actually is and how that wisdom plays out in the science of how our brain makes decisions. We'll discover what our brain needs to truly guide us in making wise choices. We'll also uncover how our hearts are all part of that process physically and how important that scientific connection is to making decisions that are lead by the Holy Spirit. Be inspired by the whole journey of becoming wiser, the process of growing older and how that also reflects God's design. You'll leave feeling like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders and a powerful connection to your inner self and to God.

Galaxy Girl

God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Our Feminine Essence Revealed in the Chemistry of the Solar System.


Where are God, Jesus, and our essence reflected in the galaxy? What can we learn about ourselves from the planets? Are the planets relationships to each other hidden in the Bible? How can those relationships deepen our faith? Can the chemical composition of the planets inspire you to a new sense of self? What do we have in common with a white dwarf star? How are we literally like diamonds to God?

The more heavenly focused you are, the less earthly worry you’ll have. Considering everything we have going on in our lives: laundry, bosses, school activities, status updates, and traffic alone, sometimes we need to see God more profoundly to give us a larger sense of purpose in the world. From nuclear fusion to the relationships of the sun, moon, and earth, you’ll see a bigger picture that we’re directly connected to, both scientifically and spiritually. We’ll take a look at some important questions about the universe and catch a glimpse of the creative mind of God and His love for us.


There’s a lot to learn from our essence in the universe. So take a trip back to that state of wonder as a little girl, looking at the starry skies and seeing yourself in this beautiful story. It’s a magical experience that will leave you with a deeper connection to this glorious galaxy, to God, and most of all yourself.

Invisible. Quantum Faith Through the Power of Quantum Physics. 

In a world that’s all about becoming visible learn about the spiritual power of the invisible.  


“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind." 

- Max Planck, Father of Quantum Physics

Are God’s invisible qualities revealed in the quantum world? Does quantum physics reveal why Jesus had to die for us? Is the Big Bang spiritual? Can the quantum world explain why widows and orphans are such a strong part of Christ’s ministry? Are prayer and fasting explained by quantum physics?


Join us for an in depth discussion about the quantum power of prayer, unconditional love, grace, humility, forgiveness, and Christ’s sacrifice for us. It will change the way you see everything you can’t see and leave you feeling deeply connected to your spirit, it’s power in the world, and your connection to others and to God ways you never have.

Future Seminars

You’re like a fine wine.

Distilling it down to your spiritual essence.

The Sixth Sense

Do we really have it?

Who is actually running this show? 


The Light

God is light. Let's shed some light on light itself.​


The Numbers of the Bible

Their profound meanings in science.


Jesus. Water. Blood. A Labor of Love.  

Far more there than we ever realized as women.

The Alpha and the Omega

The beginning and the end.

All about the Big Bang.


Einstein, Spacetime and God.

How do they all line up?  


Heaven on Earth

God’s love affair with our planet and women. ​

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